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VMNOTSAFE is a conceptual artist who’s work explores the boundaries between reality and virtuality. 

The artistic practice operates at the intersections between technology, society and culture;  her works explore the implications of our ever-shifting world. 

The work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, galleries and biennials across Europe, namely “Biennale Internazionale di Donna’ in Trieste, Italy and Doza Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has also been featured in many publications and press, including  HiNews, Standart News, Burgas Art and has been invited to speak on the topic of technology and Art’s impact on our society at Code Health.

VMNOTSAFE's art explores themes of identity and cultural displacement, as well as the concept of the “other”. Her work often features elements of surrealism, horror, and dark humor, creating a unique visual experience. 

She uses a variety of mediums, including painting, photography and digital media, to express her unique vision. Her work entails collaborating with AI and creating Mixed Reality experiences as well as Virtual Reality spaces.



Due to the delicate, provocative, explicit, visceral nature of the content, the art "needs" a warning. The artwork has been censored countless times for being too disturbing.



Exhibition List:


2022 "SAW5" Doza Gallery Sofia, BG

2022 "Beyond the Bubble" Cambridge,UK

2022 "Dangerous Beauty" Burgas,BG

2022 "JNDA" Tournai,FR

2022 "VR Performance" Loughborough,UK

2021 "SAW: Future Oracles" Sofia,BG

2021 "ABC Affair" Sofia,BG

2021 Market of desire Sofia,BG

2021 Biennale Internazionale di Donna Trieste,IT

2020 Online Degree Show, UK

2017 "Feminism", Sofia,BG 



News VMNOTSAFEмащабна-изложба-за-съвременно-изкуст/


Три българки се представят успешно на Биенале Ла Донна в Триест, Италия


Вероника Михалева ни представя на биеналето в Триест - Култура - Стандарт Нюз


Три българки на третото издание на Биенале Ла донна в Триесте - HiNews


Три българки се представят успешно на третото издание на Биенале Ла Донна в Триест, Италия






Veronika Mihaleva - Arts Degree Show 2020


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