VMNOTSAFE (b. 1998, Sofia, Bulgaria) holds a BA  in Fine Art from Loughborough University, UK. The contemporary, emerging, Bulgarian fine artist employs a multidisciplinary approach and has recently been focussing on digital art.


The Sofia based artist works with trauma related art: "Communicating across culture and retaining affective power".The primal reality depicted "produces affective responses without a specific world language "Navigating the in-between. Aesthetic representation of violence , Visual language embedded in culture, Violent Cultural Identity




Due to the delicate, provocative, explicit, visceral nature of the content, her art "needs" a warning. The artwork has been censored countless times for being too disturbing.


VMNOTSAFE’s work has been exhibited both online and in the physical world. The first show,alongside photography by the late, great photographer Alex Manchev in Sofia during 2017. The second,an online degree show in 2020. She then participated with an acrylic painting in “Biennale Internazionale Donna 2021” in Trieste, Italy. Her works are currently on show in two locations of “Sofia Art Week 2021, Future Oracles”.


—Стефан Стоянов ,2021

“Вероника е твърде обещаващ автор, който се развива в тон с най-актуалните тенденции, като в същото време запазва подчертаната си индивидуалност и оригиналност“