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Curated by Francesca Edwards and Anna Dermitzaki

The artist VMNOTSAFE is exhibiting a conceptual artwork encapsulated by a stack of annotated notebooks. The artist manifesto is reflected in the title of the site specific artwork: “OFF THE GRID”. 


The work echoes the curatorial concept of togetherness. The artist reasons that mass-subconscious and togetherness is at an all time high, as a result of the lithium extensions (phones). Proclaiming that the consequences are: physical separation and the surrender of privacy and mental power.


The texts scattered through the pages promote interaction via thought and prompt new motivated perspectives.The work allows for personal empowerment and reclamation of mental space by prescribing the nostalgic habitual act of pen to paper activities.


The algorithms behind popular applications have a defined purpose,yet humans struggle finding theirs through life. Extremely personalized advertising and data collection is used to fuel algorithms, designed to maintain attention. The artist proposes that the price to pay is that of suppression of boredom and thus creativity and autonomous thought.


The artist contends that writing provides the antidote by bypassing the surveillance state through the physical and mental existence of a book. A constant composition found throughout the books is: “GOALS and How to ACHIEVE”.

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