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New Discovery : Workrooms VR

Today‘s I found out about “horizon Workrooms VR”. As the name suggests, this application allows users to be present in virtual meeting rooms and complete business as usual. The virtual reality glasses / goggles called Oculus 2 allow for many usages, including painting and sculpting in virtual reality. Furthermore I aim to help increase the frequency of sharing discoveries.

I found out about Workrooms from a showreel which Ivan 3d posted on YouTube. This bring me to the fact that I am yet to optimize my YouTube channel (including show reels) and continue developing my “Curated Playlist Project”.

In another video by Ivan, he asks

Q: How will digital art be displayed and enjoyed?
A: I VMNOTSAFE believe that one form of display will be the future of displays themselves and how we interact with them.
>Screens are becoming so versatile in shape and use. *in other news Facebook is now Meta* We will begin to use our TV screens at home to view art and to create an aesthetic space. We will also see a rise in interactive art.
>Other ways include digital versions or extensions of artworks, exhibited in virtual gallery spaces and worlds like Decentraland

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