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Discord and Ideas on a casual sunny Tuesday ☀️⛰🌬

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I woke up today, opened discord for no particular reason and began an NFT debate on the community channel created by Ivan Tride EOOD. There are many cool

people who are part of the group.

Outcome: Virtual meet up over a beer to brainstorm ideas and discuss developments in the digital arts sector.

⭐️To create and curate exhibitions in VR.

This includes SAUSS and specifically an all sauss members exhibition. I always imagined it to be embedded and for that to be the entry point of the website.

Design and create an architectural 3D model and call it a multidisciplinary space. This can function as a gallery or events space where we put on exhibitions as well as, market the artist and artwork. We can host virtual concerts or performances. All of this is very easy and possible, however engaging other people is the slight challenge. MAKE SOME NOISE.

Photo: Screenshot of the Virtual Exhibition “Hyper Limbo” accesible:

This idea was inspired by Yeah Totally Gallery which is currently doing the aforementioned. I found them on discord. I can also propose a project of my own artworks or other people’s art to be exhibited at Yeah Totally. Furthermore we can collaborate in a trio with Karpuchina Gallery and offer them an exciting project for their commercial space.

Concept Visualisation for VR project
Photo by Alexandra Karpuchina

Collaborate with Karpuchina Gallery, based in Prague, Czechia who recently messaged me and mentioned that they are beginning a VR program.

As an artist, I immediately sent them my applicable work. Specifically, my website page “ONLINE EXHIBITION” where I exhibit VR spaces which I have created, hosted on various platforms namely Hubs Mozilla, Artstep, Decentraland and Spatial. In the future, when communicating about Digital Art projects I will be even more clear and make it even more easy and accessible to enter.

Райна Киборгиня

On discord, “zabrkan” posted this still image artwork, created using python script with key words and some post production:

Even though there are a lot of skeptics when it comes to visual AI outcome, I personally think it is an opportunity to push boundaries and grow. Thus I see quality and merit in this artwork and believe it can be curated well and potentially exhibited at Karpuchina.

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