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Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

When it comes to collaboration, AI is very friendly. There are different ways to use technology creatively. Nowadays even algorithms are competing for service and quality.

A mix of human and robot

Some critics may argue that AI lacks the human hand and touch. Contrary to that belief, AI is based on humans and our knowledge so it can not currently deviate from its initial data set, provided by humans.

About the ART

This surreal series commands the viewer to make out shapes and see adequacy, in an image without it. The stylization and processing of the art, results in us being able to see how the robot does not perceive the world in the same way.The human bodies from paintings do not give a large enough data set for the service and quality to increase to hyperrealistic one, an indistinguishable reality yet.

The example of AI generated artworks seen above, were created online by VMNOTSAFE.

How to generate AI Art:

Simply have an open mind and try it out.

To make your own art, click on this link:

🤖 🤖 💻 💻 👩‍💻 🧑‍💻

Q:What is AI art? Can you elaborate

AI Art can be an image, wether a jpeg format or pdf etc it’s an image. It has come to exist because of a data set of images and an algorithm, which work together. The AI algorithm extracts data from the data set, based on your parameters. You can choose, depending on who’s hosting you, the colours , the objects and many others things in the image.

Above, you can see a video time-lapse of the process of generating artwork on the ArtBreeder platform.

If you want to take it a step further you can even mix your own images, rather than using a pre established data set. Thus, making more original artworks.


“Listen In” by AV

Digital Art


This Red piece was generated using inputs of anime references like “DeathNote” as well as original drawings by VMNOTSAFE.

Q:How is AI art and design relevant? How is it implemented?

I think it’s everywhere. I can even give you a personal example. A mutual friend of ours, who has no art background, has been inspired as of late, to create digital art/ digital assets. The way he implements AI, is by using it to generate the basic different heads. How he implements the digital assets is by selling it as an NFT and it having the functionality of a skin. Similar to Fortnite and other games, you can purchase digital goods and use them in their respective area. A famous example of a digital asset with multi-tier benefits is the Bored Ape Yacht Club project. The owners may use their skin online to get into exclusive millionaire clubs and more.

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