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Where is the DJ?

"Defy the Status Quo"

Doza Gallery


Installation image from DISRUPTORS 2023

Artist Statement

The automated video and sound installation invites you to immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience.




At the heart of the installation is an exploration of AI, automation, and the profound impact these forces have on human life.


⚖️The interplay between the real time, AI generated video projection, and the accompanying music creates a mesmerising synergy, highlighting the harmonious yet complex relationships between technology and expression. 


🎤The microphone serves as a catalyst for interaction.As individuals speak into the microphone, their voices initiate transformative visual changes within the projected video. This dynamic interaction symbolises for the search for meaning in an increasingly automated world inviting viewers question their own place within a rapid me evolving technological landscape.


🏄‍♀️Raising profound questions about the displacement of human labor and the subsequent search for purpose and fulfilment.


🪴The yucca plant reminds us of our natural biological roots, a resilience adaptability. Adding to the human touch is the case of cold beer, providing a moment of rest, inviting visitors to enjoy the ambience.


VMNOTSAFE invites viewers to embrace change, challenge, societal standards, and reflect upon the profound implications of AI automation and human displacement. By reshaping the future of art this is the nation ignites conversations that inspired change, not only within the realm of art, but also in politics and society at large.

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